Back to Basics - Series 2, Lesson 10

We fly across northern California and learn some new navigation tips

I hope you’ve been practising those visual navigation techniques from the last issue as we continue our flight in northern California and learn some more useful tips that will help you fly and navigate visually.

B2B TITLE_7.jpg

A recap

Our flight so far has taught us how to correct our heading to compensate for the winds aloft and to also use that information to better plan and fly any subsequent legs. We passed overhead Ruth/T42 at 09:50 while cruising at 6,500ft. To continue our exercise, you can refly the flight from sonoma Co/KSTS or simply rejoin overhead Ruth, remembering to set your winds artificially to 270° True/16 knots or expect some variations in the times etc for the remaining legs. As we’ve said previously, even if your ‘numbers’ vary slightly, the principals remain the same no matter what aircraft or winds you use.

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