Back to Basics - Series 3 Lesson 9

Night Flying, with unexpected emergencies

This issue, we wind up this part of Back to Basics by completing our prepared night flight and deal with some unexpected emergencies.

Back to Basics - Series 3 Lesson 9

Are we ready now?

Having obeyed the PPPPP principles to the best of our ability, we can now proceed with our preflight tasks and get ready to get airborne. If you have been flying the exercises in the earlier parts of this series, you will appreciate just how easy it can be to become disoriented. One solution is to prepare for your flight, just as we have been. One final bow in your arrow is to also review the aerodrome charts and any Standard Instrument Departure (SID) or Standard Arrival Routes (STARs) for your departure, arrival and alternate airports. Even though we will be flying visually, these charts contain useful information and are usually in black and white, making them easier to read in a darkened cockpit if required.

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