Back To Basics - Stage 1, Lesson 2

Understanding Trim Controls

In our previous issue we explored some basic aerodynamic theory and learnt a few tips on how to fly GA training aircraft by visual references in straight and level flight. This time we take it further by introducing more important concepts and tips as we progress through a simulated pilot training syllabus that is sure to benefit sim pilots of all levels…


Making life easier

Until now, we have not looked at our great friend, the trim controls. As any flight simmer or real world pilot knows, you can’t fly very far if you have to maintain your aircraft attitude by simply pulling or pushing the control column/ yoke and holding the aerodynamic pressures. You would tire extremely quickly, limiting flights to no more than a few minutes. Not much fun or very practical! No doubt you already use the trim controls to assist you - but do you understand the theory and are you doing it correctly?

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