Back to Basics Stage 1 – Lesson 4

Stage 1 – Lesson 4: Angle of attack, balanced flight and using flaps.



Let’s get fancy

Fig 1 - Whichever aircraft you fly, the skills of learning visual reference points will make you fly like a pro.
Fig 2 - At lower speeds you need to fly with a greater angle of attack to generate an equivalent amount of lift.

By now you should have started to develop a sound basis for further training. By being able to fly straight and level, climb, descend and complete level turns while using those all important visual reference points from our cockpit, you now should hone a few more variations of these skills before we venture into the circuit area and practice take-offs and landings. This issue we’ll be flying our A2A Piper Cub and Cessna C172 from the North American airfield of Block Island/ KBID by Orbx Simulations. Located off the New England coast, this airfield is popular during the summer holiday period and offers a lot of scenery to enjoy during our lesson.

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