BAE Systems to aid F-35 Joint Strike Missile integration

BAE Systems has been awarded a £3m contract to provide key technology and system integration capabilities for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace’s Joint Strike Missile system on fifth generation F-35 stealth aircraft.

The new contract will see BAE Systems provide expertise of radar absorbing material and sensor development and technology integration to the Joint Strike Missile system which is currently being adopted by Norway and Japan. Kongsberg's Joint Strike Missile is the only long-range sea and land target missile that can be carried internally in the F-35 aircraft.

Norwegian F-35
Norway will integrate the Joint Strike Missile with its F-35 fleet, enabling it to be carried internally. USAF/Staff Sgt Jensen Stidham

Munitions and other payloads carried on external hardpoints would considerably disrupt much of the aircraft’s stealth capabilities, so the ability to store kinetic strike system internally removes this risk.


Bob Davidson, General Manager of BAE Systems Advanced Technology Solutions, said: "BAE Systems has a long-term relationship with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace over the last 15 years supporting its signature control requirements on the Naval Strike Missile and Joint Strike Missile programmes.”

Øyvind Kolset, EVP Missiles, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace said: “BAE Systems is an important partner for KDA and provides vital technology in our missiles.”

Kongsberg also recently placed an order with BAE Systems in Australia to acquire an additional 180 Passive Radio Frequency Sensors (PRS) providing additional capability for its Joint Strike Missile. This completes the first full rate of production order for 200 PRS sensors and is the result of successful and efficient operations between the two companies over the past five years.