Bag drop service reopens at Denver

The hub’s transit center resumes free bag drop service 

Denver International Airport (DEN) has announced the return of its free bag drop service at the transit center starting September 1, 2021.  

The bag drop service allows passengers to print their boarding pass and check in luggage before going into the terminal.  

Denver International Airport
Photo Denver International Airport

The resumed bag drop service is a free facility offered by the airport and is available for domestic flights on United, Delta, American, and Spirit airlines. From September 5, Southwest Airlines passengers will be able to use the service.  

The facility aims to speed up the process of checking in bags and shorten wait times before flights.  

Denver International Airport CEO Phil Washington said: “This free service was suspended last year due to low passenger volumes as a result of the pandemic. Now that passenger traffic is rebounding, we are excited to bring back this amenity to help make the journey through DEN more efficient and enjoyable, especially for those arriving by bus or train.” 

All passengers who use bag drop must be checked in and have dropped off their bags at least 90 minutes before their scheduled flight time.  

To further speed up the process of flying, airline bag fees can be paid at the bag drop kiosk.  

Passengers with lap infants must go to the ticket counter for the child’s boarding pass as per airline regulations. 

The service is available daily from 6am to 6pm and is located on Level 1 of Westin Denver International Airport, a short walk from the A-line commuter rail from downtown.