Baron’s Combat Corner

To fly and to fight!

"He was on to me again in seconds but before he could line up his sights I had whipped round into a turn and was trying to entice him closer. He knew his stuff however and again tried to exploit the Albatros’ advantage on the climbs by hauling up, flying away high over, manoeuvring to set me up for another diving attack. I could see this coming and was able to avoid it by turning in under him and spoiling his dive. It was good education, the beginning of the path to survival. I learned later that this method of fighting was the standard tactic of the Albatros - the diving attack and the disinclination to get involved in close manoeuvring. When I flew a captured Albatros later I at once saw the point. The machine had an excellent performance but was heavy on turns.” An extract from ‘Sopwith Scout 7309’ by Sir Gordon Taylor.

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