Battle of Kuban released on Steam

1C Game Studios has released IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban (BoK) on Steam.


The package comes with the Kuban map, plus three seasons: spring, summer and autumn. Included is the vast area of the Black Sea, encompassing 120,000km2 with steep mountains and green ravines. It also features eight aircraft: Yak-7B Series 36, Bf 109G-4 and P-39L-1 Aircobra, Fw 190A-5 fighter/bomber, IL-2 AM-38F (model 1943) Sturmovik, Bf 110G-2 heavy fighter and the A-20B and He 111H-16 bombers.

BoK also adds a career gameplay mode for the Kuban theatre of war. If you have all three products in the IL-2 series, Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow and Battle of Kuban, you can play through all of them with the same character, starting in the cold winter of 1941 and finishing in 1943 on the warm shores of the Black Sea.

Battle of Kuban customers also get the historical ‘Sea Dragons’ scripted campaign for free. This module focuses on historical accuracy of the depicted events and offers more than a dozen painstakingly created mission scenarios. This time, it’s the story of a pilot who joined 47th attack aviation regiment of the Black Sea Air Force after spending almost a year recovering from wounds suffered during the Battle of Moscow.

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