Belgian SF-260s celebrate 50 years

The tail of SF-260M+ ST-02 has received this commemorative paint scheme.
via Bob Fischer
This camouflaged SF-260 seen at Florennes Air Base has since been painted in the modern grey colour scheme.
Bob Fischer

The SIAI-Marchetti (now Leonardo) SF-260 celebrates 50 years’ service with Belgium’s Air Force in 2019. A total of 45 of the Italian-built trainer were bought. The mixed fleet of 25 upgraded SF-260M+ and seven SF-260D aircraft are used by 5 Squadron at Beauvechain for basic pilot training and streaming into fighters, transports or helicopters.

The SF-260 is also used by the Diables Rouges (Red Devils) aerobatic team, formerly equipped with the Fouga CM170 Magister.

For the celebration, some of the Marchettis were seen in a commemorative colour scheme.