Belgium receives second Airbus A400M

The Belgian Air Component has taken delivery of the second of seven Airbus A400M transport aircraft it has on order.

The aircraft, serial number CT-03 (c/n 109), arrived at Melsbroek Air Base, the military enclave at Brussels International Airport, from the Final Assembly Line at Seville-San Pablo Airport, Spain, on March 3. It immediately flew its first training mission including some touch and goes at Florennes Air Base.

Belgian A400M [Gerard Gaudin]
The third A400M to be delivered to Melsbroek and the second for the Belgian Air Force, CT-03 (c/n 109), landing after completing its delivery flight from Seville, Spain, on March 3. Gerard Gaudin

It has joined the binational Belgian-Luxembourg A400M unit, which will ultimately comprise eight of the type, of which seven will be Belgian Air Component examples and the eighth from the Luxembourg Armed Forces. The latter is being operated with the Belgian examples as Luxembourg does not have its own air arm.

The first to arrive at Melsbroek was the single Luxembourg example, CT-01 (c/n 104), which was delivered on October 9 last year. It was followed on December 22 by the first Belgian aircraft, CT-02 (c/n 106). The fleet is part of 15 Air Transport Wing’s 20 Squadron, which also operates the C-130H Hercules that the A400M will progressively replace.