Bell 222 Ready for Take-Off

X-Plane developer, Cowan Simulation has released the CowanSim 222B and 222UT variants for X-Plane 11.

The aircraft features 4K PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures with dynamic reflections and materials. Each model comes with 20 liveries and also includes a paint kit.

Other highlights are a custom FMOD sound set along with animations such as rotor-speed vibration feedback, rattling, shaking, dynamic blade slap and rain effects. It comes with custom-coded 3D instruments, Reality XP GTN 750 GPS integration and a modelled rear cabin. According to the developer, the aircraft features realistic flight dynamics that have been tested by real-world helicopter pilots.

Authentic night lighting is included both inside the cabin and externally while a fully functional searchlight can be controlled from the cockpit or mapped to hardware controls.

Main features

  • Passenger and medical cabin interiors
  • FMOD sound pack
  • Window rain effects
  • Compatible with X-Plane 11.50’s Vulkan API
  • Virtual reality compatible
  • AviTab integration
  • RXP GTN 750 Integration
  • Customizable panel configurations
  • xLua for Systems and Animation
  • SASL v3 for Custom Plugins.

The package features both the 222B and 222UT variants and retails at$39.95.

The 222B and 222UT variants can also be purchased separately for $24.95.