Bell 429 record sales

BELL ANNOUNCED at European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) that it has recently sold seven Bell 429 Global Ranger helicopters to corporate customers in Germany, Greece, Russia and Ukraine.

Bell Managing Director for Europe Duncan Van de Velde said: “The Bell 429 continues to increase its footprint in Europe, with about a quarter of the global fleet being operated right here on this continent. The aircraft strikes the right balance of comfort, power and operational efficiency, which is why it continues to be desirable in the corporate segment. Our customers appreciate the smoothness of the ride, paired with the bespoke finishes, which takes the experience of flight to the highest level of comfort.

Bell displayed a corporate version of the 429 helicopter at EBACE 2019, complete with a ‘MAGnificent’ interior, developed by Italy’s Mecaer Aviation Group.

Bell displayed a 429 helicopter at EBACE 2019 fitted with a corporate interior designed by Mecaer Aviation Group of Italy.