Big Radials P-40 Tomahawk Available on OrbxDirect

Orbx and Big Radials have announced a new partnership agreement, enabling customers to purchase Big Radials Products on OrbxDirect.

Big Radials P-40 Tomahawk

Its first aircraft, the P-40B Tomahawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), comes with five historic 4K liveries, a special tribute livery and sports a native MSFS flight dynamics, 3D modelling and custom sounds.

The P-40 is designed for casual and experienced simmers alike, so you can jump in and fly or take the time to read the manual and study the aircraft.

Additionally, the package comes with a seven-hour bush trip in the Pacific Northwest: The Northwest Staging Route and fly a historic route, delivering aircraft to Russia during World War Two.

Big Radials P-40 Tomahawk

Courtesy of AuthentiKit, a 3D print sample of an accurate P-40 throttle quadrant is included for free, enabling you to print and make it yourself.

All screenshots shown here were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator and created by the team at Big Radials.