Biofuels for Airbus Deliveries

All 15 A350-900s delivered to Cathay Pacific Airways have been delivered to Hong Kong powered by a blend of 90% Jet A-1 and 10% sustainable jet fuel.
A Doumenjou/Airbus

Airbus has become the first manufacturer to hand over new aircraft with delivery flights powered by biofuel. Customers receiving new aircraft can now choose to have their jets delivered with a mix of 90% conventional Jet A-1 and 10% sustainable jet fuel.

Cathay Pacific Airways devised the biofuel delivery flight concept in 2015. Airbus says the June 1 delivery of that airline’s 15th A350-941, B-LRP (c/n 101) from Toulouse to Hong Kong confirms the supply chain established by the manufacturer and Total, which produces the biofuel, is functioning correctly.

Frederic Eychenne, Head of New Energies at Airbus, said: “This is a major step for Airbus and a first for the regular delivery of new production aircraft. It enables us to demonstrate that aviation biofuels are today a reality. We now target to expand this initiative to all our delivery sites, close to our customers.”

The company says its next target is to expand the biofuel delivery initiative to all its delivery flights and for its different product ranges. The first biofuel-powered deliveries of A320 Family aircraft produced at Airbus’ Hamburg and Mobile final assembly lines are planned for 2018.