BLR Airport inaugurates cargo temperature monitoring solution

The new platform is expected to enhance the hubs position as a major freight gateway in southern India 

Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) now uses an Internet of Things-based solution to monitor temperature-controlled cargo, enabling real time supply chain visibility.  

This new system is currently in place at Menzies Aviation Bobba Bangalore (MABB) – one of the freight terminals at the hub – and is able to monitor temperature sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals and perishables.  

Photo BLR

Developed by IT supply chain, TagBox, the platform is expected to provide shippers and agents with real-time temperature data from the time a shipment leaves the warehouse to its loading point.  

“In order to maintain end-to-end transparency of the shipments processed through our Cold Zone, MABB, in association with BIAL, had conducted a POCs on few pharma shipments by using the TagBox solution,” said Anil Kumar, chief executive officer, Menzies Aviation Bobba. “It turned out to be a perfect solution, providing us the satisfactory result. The implementation of this solution has added value to our cold chain supply process and more importantly for the pharma shipments at our Cold Zone.” 

Customers are also able to monitor the health of the products through a central dashboard that can be used through web applications. Instant text messages or email alerts are sent out to ensure shippers are able to take corrective action immediately.  

Data gathered through the solution can be used to gain an insight into how efficient operations are, as well as contributing to improved customer services.