Blue Air Training and Top Aces combine forces

Blue Air Training and Top Aces. announced a business combination on March 30.

As leading JTAC and ADAIR companies, customers of the two can now benefit from a combined service of Blue Air providing Joint Traffic Air Controller (JTAC) qualification training and the advanced capabilities of Top Aces adversary air service via a fleet of multiple fast jet platforms.

Terms of the deal were not announced and both Blue Air and Top Aces will remain based at their current locations, Las Vegas, Nevada for Blue Air and Mesa, Arizona for Top Aces and will maintain their current individual company names.

Blue Air and Top Aces
Blue Air Training and Top Aces, two leading JTAC and ADAIR companies have announced a business combination. Customers of the two can now benefit from a combined service of Joint Traffic Air Controller (JTAC) qualification training and top of the range adversary air service. Blue Air Training

Top Aces are close to 100,000hrs of accident-free flight hours, it has the largest fleet of commercially operated fighter aircraft and is the sole operator of the F-16 advanced aggressor fighter (AAF) variant. Blue Air is one of the main providers of close air support (CAS) training for the US And foreign military forces. It operates a fleet of various aircraft including the OV-10D+/G Bronco, A-90 Raider, Pilatus PC-9, IAR-823 Brasov and BAC-167 Strikemaster. The companies services include tailored mission planning, logistics support, simulation, live / dry weapons control both at day and night and many more.

Paul Bouchard, the CEO of Top Aces Holdings Inc. said: “As countries worldwide look to ramp up combat readiness, the demand for highly specialised and affordable contracted Adversary Air (ADAIR) and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) services is on the rise.

“We are extremely proud to join forces with Blue Air, bringing together two of the most capable and experienced ADAIR and JTAC training providers in the world.”

In addition, the CEO and founder of Blue Air, James Barlow commented: “As the recognised global expert in JTAC training, Blue Air’s business combination with Top Aces creates a single, harmonised turnkey solution for ADAIR and Close Air Support (CAS) benefiting customers worldwide. We are thrilled to continue providing the highest quality training experience available to our defense."