Bonaire Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

Aerosoft has announced Airport Bonaire for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available as a download.

Bonaire is a small island in the Southern Caribbean and a popular holiday destination among surfers and divers, thanks to its clear water and massive coral reefs. First colonised by the Spanish, in 1636 it was occupied by the Netherlands, to which it still belongs to this day. Currently, the airport operates several short-haul flights across the Caribbean and serves as a stopover for the Dutch KLM on long-haul flights.

Developed by Jo Erlend Sund and published by Aerosoft, the package is a realistic recreation of Flamingo International Airport (TNCB) and is based on thousands of on-site images. It features detailed and accurate buildings with interior modelling for the main terminal, high-resolution textures and orthographic images covering the airport and surrounding area.

Other highlights include dynamic night lighting, accurate taxiway signs, and animations such as flags and windsocks and passengers to bring the airport to life. The old Bonaire’s control tower is also included (select any date before 2018).