Boom to explore supersonic VIP transports for USAF

Boom Supersonic was awarded a contract by the US Air Force (USAF) on September 8 to explore options for a supersonic executive transport aircraft, which could be employed by the service.

The Denver-based start-up has been granted a contract by the USAF under its programme designed to help fund innovations with future military aircraft. The company is currently working to produce the world’s fastest airliner - the Overture - which is scheduled to fly this decade and is due to enter operational civil service by 2030.

Boom Force One
The Boom Overture is scheduled to fly for the first time in the late 2020s. Boom Supersonic

The agreement will fund explorations of an Overture configuration designed for Air Force executive transports. The US Department of Defense (DoD) and the air force manage all air transport for executive branch top leadership, including Air Force One. 

Blake Scholl, Boom founder and CEO commented: “Supersonic flight brings people together, whether for work, family or global diplomacy. By cutting travel times we make it possible for US diplomats and executive leaders to connect more frequently in person, meeting challenges and defusing potential crises with a personal touch. We’re so proud to help envision a new way for the Air Force to provide transport for critical government activities.”

Currently, the firm is manufacturing a one-third scale demonstrator aircraft for Overture which it plans to roll out in this year for flight testing to begin in 2021. Called the XB-1, the jet is expected to prove the key technologies for safe, efficient, and sustainable travel at supersonic speeds. 

The Boom Overture will be a Mach 2.2, 55-passenger supersonic transport aircraft with a range of around 4,500 miles. The jet has already received 30 pre-orders from Japan Airlines and Virgin Group.