BREAKING: Boeing 737 ditches in ocean off Hawaii

The twinjet had just taken off from Honolulu and was operating an inter-island freight service

A Boeing 737 cargo aircraft has ditched into the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Honolulu in Hawaii. 

The jet, which initial reports suggest is N810TA (c/n 21116), was being operated as Rhodes Express Flight 810 between the archipelago’s capital and Kahului.

Kevin Boydston/
Photo: Kevin Boydston/

According to a statement released to Reuters from the Federal Aviation Administration, the twinjet made a successful emergency landing in the ocean at around 2.30am local time, after the crew reported “engine trouble”.  

Source: Flightradar24

The statement also confirmed there were only two people aboard and that according to preliminary information from the US Coast Guard, both crew members were rescued. 

The 46-year-old 737-200 example is owned and operated by Indiana-based Rhodes Aviation Inc, which trades as Transair.