Bristol Airport introduced portable charging service

The new scheme allows passengers to charge their phones on the move, with an option to use the devices on flights 

Bristol Airport has become the second UK hub to introduce power bank rental service, Joos, to allow passengers to charge their devices prior to take off.  

By downloading the company’s app or scanning its QR code, customers are able to check-out a power bank and then return it before departing. Travellers also have the option to take it on board the flight to continue using throughout the journey.  

Bristol Airport
Photo Bristol Airport

“We are delighted to work with Joos to provide a mobile and flexible solution to charge electric items for our customers,” said Andrew Morris, Bristol Airport’s retail manager. “We have used phone charging units previously but nothing like the Joos system which allows customers freedom whilst at the airport.” 

Josh Baah, co-founder and COO of Joos, reiterated that “passengers no longer need to worry about their phone battery when travelling”.  

The company has also stated that its power banks are made up medical-grade antimicrobial plastic to limit transmission of viruses. The devices are also put through a quarantine period between uses to ensure Covid-19 agents are no longer present.  

The airport believes that phones have become incredibly important in recent months, especially for the usage of vaccine passports and the NHS app, as well as displaying tickets, making payments and for entertainment purposes.