Brits flock to Portugal on first day of international travel

Faro looks to be one of the most popular destinations for travellers as 54% of its arrivals today are set to originate from UK airports

Following a 19-week ban on international leisure travel from the UK, the first day has seen travellers disproportionately favour Portugal as their chosen destination with flights departing British airports bound for five destinations in the sun-soaked territory. 

Ryanair leads UK airlines with a total of 14 departures to Portugal. Aviation Image Network/Simon Gregory

After a month of speculation, the UK Government announced on May 7, which countries people would be able to travel to this summer without having to quarantine upon their return to England. Dubbed the ‘green list’, destinations included Portugal with the addition of the Azores and Madeira; Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; Brunei; Iceland; Faroe Islands; Gibraltar; Falkland Islands; and Israel.

EasyJet has increased the number of flights it offers to Portugal since the government's 'Green List' was announced. Aviation Image Network/Simon Gregory

London/Stansted - the UK base for low-cost carrier Ryanair – has experienced one of the highest number of services to the country as it is expected to facilitate a total of seven flights including three Faro, two Porto and two Lisbon links. 

Stansted is facilitating flights to Porto, Lisbon and Faro today. Great Circle Mapper

Heathrow – which is typically the UK’s busiest airport – is set to handle a pair of flights to Lisbon and Faro, and a single link to Funchal. 

Heathrow has four 'Green List' destinations on offer today. Great Circle Mapper

Similarly, Gatwick will facilitate two Faro connections, a Porto, a Funchal and a single Porto Santo service. The latter was one of the first in the country to depart this morning when it pushed off stand at 6am.

Stansted appears to have offered the most green destinations. Great Circle Mapper

In the North West, Manchester today is boasting a pair of Faro and Lisbon services and also made a claim to being the first to operate a ‘green list’ flight when a TUI service to Funchal also pushed off stand at 6am.

Manchester's Funchal flight was one of the first to depart the UK. Great Circle Mapper

At easyJet’s base in Luton, a trio of Faro services are set to be completed, while at Birmingham, a pair of Faro connections and a single Funchal flight will occur. 

Luton Airport
On the first day, easyJet is offering a fairly subdued roster compared to its low-cost rival Ryanair. Great Circle Mapper
Birmingham is offering a link to Faro and Funchal today. Great Circle Mapper

Faro appears to be the most popular destination for travellers. In fact, 54% of its 31 arrivals today are set to originate from UK airports. 

British overseas territory Gibraltar was also a popular destination for Brits wanting a getaway. Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton all had one flight each.