Bulgaria orders Saab’s deployable maintenance facility

Saab has signed a contract to deliver its Deployable Maintenance Facility (DAM) for use by the Bulgarian Air Force, which will be used at numerous air bases through Bulgaria.

Intended to complement existing in-country infrastructure, the DAM will provide additional capacity for parking, protection and maintenance of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in service with the Bulgarian Air Force. Delivery is expected to commence later in 2021.

Deployable Maintenance Facility
The deployable facility will provide additional parking and maintenance capacity. Saab

“With this contract, we are growing our installed base of DAM in the central European region, following a previous delivery to Hungary,’ said Christoffer Rashdan, business development director at Saab’s business unit Aviation Services, in a May 19 release.

According to Saab the DAM provides a mobile maintenance capacity which when integrated with the Barracuda multispectral camouflage also gives protection against warfare sensors. Along with the system deliveries, Saab will provide training where DAM will be installed together with the end-user.