Bulgaria seeks Russian support

One of three two-seat MiG-29 Fulcrums in active service with the Bulgarski Voenno Vzdushni Sili on the tail of a C-27J Spartan.
Alexander Mladenov

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence launched a public procurement procedure on December 7, 2017, for integrated logistics support for its MiG- 29 fleet. This is an invitation to RSK MiG, the MiG-29’s original manufacturer.

After two years of failed attempts to get support from non-Russian sources, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence now requires support from RSK MiG. Negotiations between the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence and RSK MiG were expected to start in January, with a contract signature expected in the first quarter of 2018.

With a maximum allocated budget of BGN 81.3 million, the aim of the four-year support contract is to restore Bulgaria’s entire active fleet of 15 MiG-29s (12 single-seat and three twoseat versions) to airworthiness.

Alexander Mladenov and Krasimir Grozev