Cabo Verde reveals flight resumption plans

After nearly 15 months on the ground, the flag carrier is preparing to restart services

Cabo Verde Airlines will officially restart operations on June 18 with a weekly flight between Sal Island and Lisbon. 

The resumption will be gradual and will involve two out of the carrier’s three-strong fleet. Customers will now also be able to make reservations online via the company’s new passenger service system. 

Cabo Verde Airlines operates a fleet of three Boeing 757-200s. Aviation Image Network/Wizzard

Erlendur Svavarsson, CEO of Cabo Verde Airlines, said: “We are excited that we can finally resuscitate the airline from the ashes of the pandemic. The beaches of Sal, the unique restaurants and the warm and hospitable Cape Verdean people will welcome guests back to a destination truly different from all others. This is just the beginning, and we are looking forward to creating a better future.” 

From June 28 until March 28 next year, the operator will make four weekly flights between Praia/Sal and Lisbon on Fridays and Mondays; a weekly flight to and from Sal/Praia/Boston on Tuesdays with return on Wednesdays and a weekly flight to and from Sal/São Vicente/Paris on Saturdays with return on Sundays. 

Cabo Verde Boeing 757 at Lisbon
The flag carrier plans to begin flying to Lisbon on June 18. Aviation Image Network/Wizzard

Cabo Verde also says that – depending on the rate of vaccination and the unlocking of international borders – it expects to launch new frequencies and additional destinations. 

The carrier – which hasn’t been flying since March 2020 – took advantage of the stoppage to reorganise itself, train its teams and implement a new sales system that allows it to automatically notify passengers of all flight in progress.