Call for expression of interest for airport hydrogen hubs

Five firms have partnered to enable airports in Paris to transform into hydrogen centres

Airbus, Air France-KLM, Paris Region, Choose Paris Region and Groupe ADP have entered a partnership and are launching a worldwide call for expressions of interest to explore the opportunities created by hydrogen in Paris airports.

The call follows the energy transition strategy that was set out by the French government and supported by the European commission – striving for zero emissions aircraft by 2035.

Photo Airbus 

All five partners want to support developments that will enable facilities in Paris to transform into hydrogen hubs, as they believe this will revolutionise the way airport infrastructures are designed and operated.

“We must prepare today to welcome the hydrogen aircraft in 2035 by transforming our airports into real hydrogen hubs, in which we wish to develop various uses, with our stakeholders, around airside and city-side ground mobility,” said Edward Arkwright, deputy CEO of Group ADP.

Launched with the support of the international agency, Choose Paris Region the innovation aims to formulate a unique airport ecosystem centralised around hydrogen, corporations, laboratories and universities.

Sharing the similar ambitions, the companies want to be able to identify and qualify research advances, then test the economically viable solutions that will match the hydrogen needs. They also want to establish its uses on a wider scale, with potential to operate hydrogen-powered aircraft in the future.

Anne-Sophie Le Lay, executive vice president and cooperate secretary of Air France-KLM, said: "The support for research and development and the use of new energies is fundamental to move towards a more sustainable and responsible air transport. This call for expressions of interest brings together leading partners to lay the foundations of an innovative and ambitious ecosystem."

The three main themes highlighted by the call for expressions of interest include: the storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen, diversification of hydrogen usage in airports and aeronautics and the circular economy around the gas.