Campbeltown Airport set for runway refurbishment

Reconstruction is planned to begin in the autumn as it’s believed the air strip would not survive another winter  

Scottish operator, Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL) has invested £4m into a new runway refurbishment at Campbeltown Airport on the west coast of Scotland.  

The development is hoped to protect the future of the site and ensure lifeline and commercial services can continue to operate. 

Campbeltown Airport
Photo Geograph/Steve Brown

Consultations with both the emergency services and Loganair are currently underway, with plans to begin the reconstruction in autumn. The local community are also set to be updated on the work via an online information event taking place on July 10.  

Signs of deterioration are beginning to show on the existing runway, which was opened in 1962. Access is presently restricted to aircraft exceeding 6.58 tonnes to preserve the facility for medical, lifeline and emergency services.  

John Lamont, Campbeltown Airport manager, believes this is the right time for refurbishment, as “another winter would only see the runway deteriorate further”.  

“As with any project of this scale, there will inevitably be some disruption to the usual services. We anticipate the airport will be closed for a short period and we are working hard with all concerned to minimise any impact to the local community,” he added.  

The airport has said that the resurfacing will enable the restrictions to be removed, protecting it for a further 15 years.