Canadian company to provide ISR drones to Ukraine

Canada-based uncrewed aerial system (UAS) platform and service provider Volatus Aerospace has announced it has begun the delivery of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) system to Ukraine, along with training and counter-drone capabilities.

In an April 11 release, Volatus Aerospace stated that it will deliver systems “to a consortium of organisations” that are focussed on three areas of support to Ukraine: medical supplies, non-lethal military equipment, and assistance to displaced persons.

Drone-based ISR
Drone-based ISR has proved to be a decisive factor so far in the Ukraine-Russia war, with images and videos widely shared on social media. Screengrab from Ukrainian Ministry of Defence

Under the terms of supply agreements, Volatus has made initial shipments to humanitarian organizations such as Mriya Aid, and Second Front Ukraine Foundation. The latter organisation was described by Volatus as a registered Canadian not-for-profit corporation working with partners across North America and in Ukraine “to deliver goods necessary to protect the lives of Ukrainians in the face of Russian aggression.”

The deal could see additional UAS provided to Ukrainian organisations, with Volatus “prepared to fulfil continuing requirements” for drone solutions.

Volatus CEO, Glen Lynch, commented: “This technology provides accurate real-time intelligence while reducing risk to the people who have chosen to serve, and, as recent videos have highlighted, civilians who are at significant risk.”

The group offers multi-rotor and fixed-wing drone solutions typical of the commercial and consumer market, with some industry-level system, with associated increased payload and endurance, also available.