Capacity increase for MC-21

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency has approved an increase in capacity for the Yakolev MC-21, Rostec’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has announced. The new ruling, granted by Rosaviatsia on December 26, will see the permitted number of passengers rise from 175 to 211.

The increase came after several tests were carried out on the airframe, including the emergency evacuation of passengers and crew. The evacuation trial was conducted in night-time conditions using only half the available emergency exits. Passengers from various demographics were on board, including men and women of different ages, plus three dolls to simulate children under 24 months without their own seats. All 211 passengers and crew members were off the aircraft in 81.7 seconds, well below the 90-second limit imposed by aviation safety regulators.

Both variants of the Russian-built airliner – the MC-21-300, powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1400G engines, and the MC-21-310, powered by Aviadvigatel PD-14s – will be covered by the increase.

Yakovlev’s general director, Andrei Boginsky, said the change to type certification would allow the company “to supply MC-21 planes to airlines in every configuration, including the largest one”. (Photo UAC)