“I thought it was a glitch”: A330 captain recounts Atlantic dual engine failure

In an exclusive interview with Key.Aero, the commander of Air Transat Flight 236 recounts the incredible story of his dual engine failure over the Atlantic Ocean and 75-mile-long glide to a successful landing in the Azores

Twenty years ago, today on August 24, 2001, an Airbus A330-200 – carrying 306 people – ran out of fuel while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Instead of ditching in the sea, the jet’s crew – which included captain Robert Piché and first officer Dirk de Jager – successful glided the aircraft nearly 75 miles for an emergency landing in the Azores.

The feat was the longest passenger aircraft glide without engines. In part one of our exclusive interview with Captain Piché, he tells Key.Aero about the events leading up to the dual engine flameout at 39,000ft.