Carenado XL560 Citation new Version Out Now

Chilean developer, Carenado has announced the XL560 Citation for FSX and Prepar3D has been upgraded to version 1.2.


The new update squashes several bugs, including:

  • Improved Primus 1000 functions
  • Corrected altimeter reference bug
  • APCH mode on GTN integration
  • Seat belt/no smoking sound
  • Corrected switch positions for 'cold&dark' state
  • Fixed dimmer that turned on/off landing gear lights
  • IGN lights on startup sequence
  • "START DSNG" annunciator light during engine start procedure
  • switch button on STBY NAV radio
  • GPWS minimums callout to match RA setting on Primus 1000
  • Altitude selector knob selects 100/1000ft both 3D cockpit and 2D popup
  • Logic issues fixed
  • Other reported minor bug fixes.

Carenado recommends customers uninstall the aircraft before installing the new version.