Certification and service entry

BOMBARDIER ANNOUNCED on September 24, 2019, that it’s new Global 5500 and 6500 business jets received Type Certification from Transport Canada, with the latter entering service just one week later, on October 1, 2019.

The Canadian manufacturer says it expects Type Certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) to follow shortly.

Bombardier said the rigorous Global 5500 and 6500 flight test campaign was conducted at the manufacturer’s facility in Wichita, Kansas, and Type Certification follows the recent Canadian certification of the Rolls Royce Pearl 15 engines and paves the way for entry into service on schedule in 2019.

Global 5500 aircraft can connect Sao Paolo and Paris, and Moscow and Los Angeles; the Global 6500 is able to connect Hong Kong or Singapore and London, and Toluca and Madrid, under certain conditions. Nigel Pittaway

With both FAA and EASA certification expected shortly, Bombardier says the Global 5500 and 6500 are due to enter service on schedule later this year. Bombardier