WIN! Lancaster ‘Just Jane’ VIP TAXI RIDE + GUEST!

To celebrate our 50th anniversary issue, our friends at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre are offering Aeroplane readers the chance to win a taxi ride in Lancaster ‘Just Jane’, plus a guest!

We offer special VIP days which are usually held mid week and are a whole day experience. The arrival time is 9am and the day starts with morning coffee and your briefing from the crew at 9.30am. There are multiple tail down taxi runs on our VIP days one at 11am and the other at 1.30pm and riding places are limited. The riders in the VIP party are divided into two groups with half on the 11am run and half on the 1.30pm run. The benefit of there being two taxi runs is that you ride on one and watch the other at close quarters. The taxi ride is completely unique and very different to the experience from outside the aircraft.

There is a lunch prepared especially for our VIP guests at 12 Noon. The VIP option offers you plenty of time to look around the aircraft and ask any questions of the pilot and crew. All guests have the opportunity to sit in/visit each position throughout the aircraft whilst the aircraft is static and have the tour of the cockpit with the chance to sit in the pilot’s seat. Whilst you are looking around the aircraft we have crew members on hand to talk Lancasters! Afternoon refreshments are also available (if you still have room after your lunch!) and there is also a certificate for your taxi ride signed by the pilot. There is also the chance for the person enjoying the taxi ride to bring a guest who gets the whole day, including a look inside the Lancaster and tour of the aircraft, but not the taxi ride.

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