CL-415EAF conversions

The first CL-415EAF conversion was scheduled to commence in September 2018. Longview Aviation Capital/Viking Air Limited

Longview Aviation Capital, in cooperation with Viking Air Limited, has selected Cascade Aerospace of Abbotsford, British Columbia, to provide training and resources in support of the Viking CL-415EAF Enhanced Aerial Fireighter conversion programme.

The initial Viking CL-415EAF turbine conversion will be conducted at Cascade’s facilities at Abbotsford International Airport. Cascade previously converted nine Canadair CL- 215 ire-ighting aircraft to CL-215T turbine coniguration for the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the company will provide training to Longview staf during the initial conversion at their Abbotsford facilities. It will also send support staf to provide on-site training at Longview’s facilities in Calgary for the second and subsequent CL- 415EAF conversions. Longview will convert a total of 11 specially selected CL-215s to CL-415EAF coniguration utilising Vikingsupplied conversion kits.

The Viking CL-415EAF conversion programme forms part of a staged approach to utilise the advancements made with the Longview converted aircraft as the basis for the proposed Viking CL-515 newproduction amphibious aerial ire-ighting aircraft.

The CL-415EAF conversion programme is based on the Canadair CL-215T coniguration and includes the installation of two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123AF turboprop engines and the integration of a new digital avionics suite. Six new aircraft structures will be installed, including winglets and inlets, as well as upgraded power-assisted light controls, a new power distribution system, a complete rewiring of the aircraft and the incorporation of 75 service bulletins associated with the CL- 215T conversion kit. Mark Broadbent

747-400 at Manchester

Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 N322SG (c/n 30322) touches down at Manchester. The aircraft was returning from Miami with Manchester United FC players and staf following their pre-season tour of the United States. Rob Skinkis

Il-76’s charter to France

Turkmenistan Airlines’ Ilyushin Il-76TD EZ-F427 (c/n 1033418620) at Châlons Vatry Airport on a charter. The aircraft had arrived from Ashgabat as T53245 and left again for Ashgabat as T53246. Wout Goossens

Flybe rebrands again

Flybe has unveiled a revised livery, in evidence on Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 G-JECP (c/n 4136) at Exeter Airport on September 10. The new livery is designed to be simpler and more streamlined than the previous purple livery that was only introduced in 2014, and around ten aircraft a year are to be repainted with the colours as they pass through maintenance. Ian Simpson