Cockpit Building

Introducing my new best friend, the Renkforce RF100.

Jessica Bannister-Pearce makes use of her new 3D pinter

As I begin to reach the downward slope with the cockpit, I discover a new law. The smaller a job seems, the bigger it turns out to be. I’m sure that I’m not the first to discover this and I won’t be the last. Classic car restorers often find that the final stretch of a restoration is the hardest part, as a myriad of small jobs that weren’t that important when the engine needed rebuilding, now threaten to derail the whole project. So it is for me. I’ve begun prioritising the remaining work into red, yellow and green categories. Things like the MCDU, transponder and radio are in the red category, while the green category holds things like the cockpit door panel etc. I’m getting there, but as new panels get added, I’ve discovered a new problem: knobs.

Introducing my new best friend, the Renkforce RF100

Button, button, who’s got the button?

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