Commemorative ALCA

Aero L-159A 6053/DU-C seen departing RAF Fairford after the Royal International Air Tattoo 2017.
Mark Ayton

Aero L-159A 6053/DU-C of the Vzdušné Síly Armády České Republiky’s (Czech Air Force) (Taktická Letka or Tactical Squadron) based at Caslav Air Base has been temporarily repainted to represent World War Two Spitfire Vc, AD572/ DU-C, of No.312 Squadron RAF. For a time AD572 was the personal aircraft of Wing Commander František Peřina (later Czech Air Force General). Peřina destroyed one Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and damaged another while flying AD572 on June 3, 1942 and ended the war as an ‘ace’. At the end of hostilities, he returned home to Czechoslovakia only to fall foul of the then-new communist regime. He and his wife then spent most of the next 45 years living in the United States but, after the collapse of communism in Czechoslovakia, the couple returned home to a heroes’ welcome in 1993. Peřina was honoured with the rank of General in the Czech Air Force and became an active supporter of many Czech Air Force institutions, including his patronage of He died in May 2006 aged 95. Tom Allett