‘Commuter’ PC-24 introduced


PILATUS AIRCRAFT of Stans, Switzerland recently received approval from US and European authorities for a ten-seat configuration for its PC-24 super-midsize business jet. The ‘commuter’ layout provides for two additional passengers to the ‘executive’ version. The aircraft’s maximum take-off weight remains constant at 8,300kg, which became standard in late 2018 following the increase introduced via Service Bulletin 42-002. When carrying ten passengers, maximum range at cruise speed drops to 1,400nm from 2,000nm with four passengers. The maiden PC-24 in the revised configuration is due to be delivered to an undisclosed customer based in the United States of America.

European Union Aviation Safety Agency and Federal Aviation Administration authorisations for the changes were granted in early November 2020. The approval widens the appeal of the PC-24 – marketed by the manufacturer as the super versatile jet – in the light transport and business markets.

Pilatus also offers the PC-24 equipped for an aeromedical evacuation role, having delivered such aircraft to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and other operators.

Certification for ten passengers increases the utility and appeal of the Pilatus PC-24
Pilatus Aircraft