Concorde Takes Flight in X-Plane

Colimata has announced version 2.0 of Concorde FXP is now available.

Version 2 has been overhauled inside and out, sporting an updated look, new features along with added functionality and bug corrections. It supports route programming with lat/long coordinates using the 3D CIVA INS directly in the cockpit and a manual fuel pumping system on the Engineering panel with all pumps and valves modelled.

The aircraft is designed to balance occasional Concorde pilots and study-level simmers using Pro and Standard complexity settings. It features a full 3D cockpit with 4K PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures (a 2K alternative is available to save VRAM) and a custom FMOD sound set.

It supports a subsonic and supersonic flight model with vortex lift, ground effect simulation and trim fuel imbalance force simulation.

The 3D model is an authentic recreation of the real aircraft with a passenger cabin, operational passenger and cargo doors, a detailed model of the Olympus 593 engines with animated ramps and intake/spill doors.

Other highlights include utility vehicles such as tankers, conveyors, catering and a pushback truck.

A detailed installation and setup manual includes a cold & dark start-up guide, checklists along with navigation and video tutorials on YouTube.

Existing customers can upgrade to version 2.0 for $5. X-Plane 12 support will also be offered for version 2.x.