CowanSim 206 B3 for X-Plane Out Now

X-Plane developer, CowanSim has released the 206 B3 for X-Plane 11.


The single-engine 206B3 helicopter is fitted with an upgraded Allison 250-C20J engine and a larger tail rotor for improved yaw control. It is well-known for ease of maintenance and is highly cost-effective to operate.

The package from CowanSim is made to take advantage of the Vulkan graphics engine. It comes with several liveries (both 2K and 4K versions) with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects are throughout. Other details include a dynamic FMOD sound pack and animations such as visual rotor-speed vibrations, dynamic blade slap and rain effects on the windows.

CowanSim 206 B3 for X-Plane 11

It comes with a working float system, low and high skid versions and dynamic weight options. The pilots and passengers are also modelled, along with details such as ‘remove before flight’ accessories, a functional spotlight, spray kit and a Cineflex camera.

The 206 comes with authentic flight dynamics tested by real pilots and realistic night lighting with dynamic reflections.

In the cockpit, the instruments are modelled in 3D. They are fully functional with extensive custom coding to make them as realistic as possible. The package comes with AviTab integration and support for the Reality XP GTN 750.

CowanSim 206 B3 for X-Plane 11

Other features:

  • Virtual reality ready.
  • Fully modelled rear cabin
  • Detailed paint kit.
  • Free future updates.