Crashed Danish EH101 redelivered

Seen climbing away from Groningen-Eelde Airport in the Netherlands on May 9 after a night stop there, rebuilt Danish EH101 Mk512 M-518 returned to its home base Karup later that day after almost four years.
Kees van der Mark

Following an extensive reconstruction by Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil, Danish EH101 Mk512 M-518 was redelivered to Eskadrille 722 of the Karup-based Helicopter Wing on May 9. The helicopter was heavily damaged during a landing incident some 8 miles (12km) northeast of Mazare- Sharif Air Base in northern Afghanistan, in the evening of October 11, 2014. The remains of the helicopter were shipped to Yeovil pending a decision on whether to rebuild it or declare it a write-off. The Danish government decided in 2016 to have the helicopter rebuilt at a cost of DKK 119 million. Following its rebuild, the helicopter made a series of test flights in the UK, before leaving Yeovil for its delivery flight to Denmark on May 8, 2018. After a night stop at Groningen-Eelde in the Netherlands, it continued to Karup the next day, where it was joined in the air by the other two EH101s that were deployed to Afghanistan at the time of the accident (serials M-516 and M-517). With the redelivery of M-518, Eskadrille 722 now has its full complement of 14 EH101s available again. Kees van der Mark