D-Day Squadron hopes to undertake 2024 tour

The proposed return follows a historic North Atlantic crossing in 2019 and it’s seeking funding to make it happen

In 2019, Douglas DC-3s and C-47s made a North Atlantic crossing to celebrate both the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the 70th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

The 80th anniversary of D-Day and the 75th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift is approaching and plans are again under way to take to the skies across the Atlantic to honour the legacy of those who took part in those famous missions. The D-Day Squadron is currently setting the schedule, organizing appearances across Europe, and serving as Mission Control for the 2024 Legacy Tour – a central unit for all operators, crew, and operations.

Aircraft of the D-Day Squadron in 2019
Aircraft of the D-Day Squadron in 2019 D-Day Squadron

Start-up costs for the Legacy Tour (branding and design, mission operation and planning, campaign management, and logistics) in Europe are significant, and the organisation is seeking support to get it off the ground. A Kickstarter campaign is launching today (May 22). Backers can choose from a variety of reward levels and ‘perks’ including special edition baseball caps, playing cards, commemorative artwork and model aircraft. The 2024 campaign lasts 30 days, with a goal of reaching $7,500. Click here for details.

 All profits received after campaign costs will go directly to the D-Day Squadron. Following the successful mission in 2019, the D-Day Squadron has continued to provide multiple flyovers, and has attended aviation events, and warbird-themed airshows. They also launched the DC-3 Society to actively aid operators and enthusiasts with maintenance, operations, airworthiness, and displays.

The D-Day Squadron will pay tribute to veterans
The D-Day Squadron will pay tribute to veterans D-Day Squadron