D3 Technologies joins Initiative for Advanced Air Mobility

D3 is pioneering ATC automation with safety-critical data communications in the first Vancouver-based airspace modernization use case aimed at emergency medical transport. The company develops a safe, automated deep-tech system, that creates digital roads (and road signs) in real time. The goal is to provide scalable air traffic control to enable automated flight. This will empower metro regions to open their airspace while safeguarding public interest and benefit. 

Achim Kostron, CCO D3 Technologies AG: "We highly value the opportunity to incorporate Air Traffic Control best practices and the forward thinking of Advanced Air Mobility in a current, revenue generating project that will demonstrate proof of concept to regulators such as Nav Canada and unlock future use cases. The interdisciplinary partner models put together by CAAM will accelerate AAM worldwide! We are excited to be part of this progress and to enable regulators to evaluate the options of future urban air traffic control.” 

Initiated and launched by Canadian Air Mobility and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), more than twenty partners are currently involved in the national effort. The CAAM stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and the investment community are developing a centralized AAM strategy for Canada which is based on a regional implementation model. CAAM's goal is a zero-emission AAM transportation system in urban and rural communities for people, goods, and services. 

JR Hammond, Executive Director of the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM): “A scalable air traffic control solution will be essential for governments to benefit from AAM. We are looking for the air traffic control solution that has the highest probability of applying to an effective national framework. D3’s automated approach with high safety standards is a great opportunity for Canada. We are happy to have their capabilities and expertise onboard the Canadian AAM Master Plan Project as we strategize the first 20 years of AAM in Canada. D3 and CAAM are aligned on our thinking concerning approach and timeline.” 

CAAM aims to reach complete zero emissions in British Columbia operations by 2040.