DCS: Mi-24P Hind Available on Pre-Order

Eagle Dynamics (ED) has announced the DCS: Mi-24 Hind is now available on pre-order with a 30% discount.

Derived from the Mi-8, the Hind airframe is fitted with a streamlined retractable undercarriage and stub-wings that provide lift at high speeds and serve as a structure for attaching guided and unguided munitions. This massive machine combines firepower and troop-carrying capabilities and became known for its exploits by the airborne units of the Soviet Army during the 1980 Soviet-Afghan War.

The DCS: Mi-24P Hind is a simulation of the legendary Mi-24 attack helicopter developed in the USSR and first introduced operationally in 1972. It has seen extensive action over the past 40 years as an effective combat air support helicopter. Fast, reliable and loved by pilots, this incredible machine still serves in more than 50 countries.

Key Features of DCS: Mi-24P Hind

Pre-order/Early Access:

  • Professional flight dynamics and engine modelling with a high degree of accuracy at different altitudes, temperatures, speeds and weights.
  • Two 6DOF highly detailed cockpits (RU and EN versions available).
  • Fully clickable cockpits with interactive controls of all onboard systems.
  • Multi-crew. A second crew member can be another player or “Petrovich” AI (basic AI level during early access phase).
  • Detailed modelling of the entire electrical, fuel, hydraulic, anti-icing, fire protection, SAS, autopilot and radio systems.
  • Full modelling of armament and weapons systems with the ability to use 30mm cannon, unguided rockets (S-8, S-13, S-24B) and bombs from both cockpits in addition to the guided ATGM 9M114 operated by forward seated pilot-operator.
  • Standard Russian new and weathered liveries in addition to Iraqi and Syrian schemes.
  • Early Access manual Russian and English versions.
  • Training missions.

On release:

  • Cargohold gunner with KORD machine gun.
  • Advanced “Petrovich” AI features for pilot or pilot-operator seats.
  • Addition of ATGM 9M120 (HEAT and HE versions) and R-60M air to air missiles.
  • Sling cargo operations.
  • Advanced damage modelling.
  • Additional liveries and livery template.
  • Manual in Russian and English (full list of languages is TBD).
  • Campaign by Eagle Dynamics.

The DCS: Mi-24 Hind is available for a limited time with a pre-order discount of $48.95. The Early Access version is planned to release in the second quarter of 2021.