DCS Viper and Hornet Update

Following the early access release of the DCS: F-16 Viper, Eagle Dynamics (ED) is now focusing on the most pressing bugs and new features for the Hornet and Viper.

While not a complete list, here are the priority items for the Hornet and Viper in the ED roadmap:

F/A-18C Hornet

Targeting Pod

  • Slave to waypoint / target point
  • Line of sight indication on the HUD
  • Coordinate display
  • Cursor Zero and Snowplow modes.


  • Track While Scan (TWS) mode
  • SPOT mode
  • AACQ mode.


  • Release of the AGM-62 Walleye
  • Dynamic launch zones for JDAM and JSOW
  • Pre-Briefed (PB) mode for AGM-88 HARM.


  • Correct the ability to pull 30 G by disabling the G-limiter circuit breaker as a cheat
  • Automatic Carrier Landing System (ACLS) mode.


  • Smaller flares option that can be up to 60 on the aircraft.

F-16C Viper

External Art

  • Complete external skin and provide a template to the public
  • External lights
  • Centerline fuel tank
  • Add wing flex
  • Additional skins
  • Visual damage model

Cockpit Art

  • Add pilot body to cockpit view (VR)


  • EEGS Level-5 and Lead Computing Optical Sight (LCOS) gunsight when target is locked on radar
  • Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) system
  • Corrected AIM-120 Dynamic Launch Zone (DLZ) that correctly accounts for A (active) and T (time to impact) times
  • Track While Scan (TWS) radar mode
  • Air-to-Air Radar to include Control page (set PRF, contact fade, etc.)
  • Targeting pod (target range indication, SP/CZ/TGT indications, azimuth indication angle indication [waterline with line], GRAY indication, north arrow, M mask indication)
  • If AIM-9 and AIM-120 are loaded, selected aft on the dogfight switch should select AIM-9 and pressing forward should select AIM-120
  • Emergency jettison button
  • Ability to create and modify steerpoints form the UFC
  • Steerpoints must auto-sequence when option selected from STPTY DED page
  • Toggle missile type select with missile step button for more than .8 seconds
  • Lock indication on the RWR is missing. It should be a circle. At missile launch, then the circle should flash
  • Complete CMDS manual mode programming
  • When a contact is locked while in NAV mode, changing to AA mode should not remove the lock
  • Only a long press aft on the DMS switch should turn the HMCS on and off. Currently, up, right, and left also have this function

AI vs the New Damage Model
The new damage model is being implemented, tested and tuned for all WWII modules. With the new damage model, the AI can be very accurate, and many times testing vs the AI, they would land all shots centre mass, many times scoring a pilot kill before anything else.

To deal with this, a couple of new functions were added to the AI. First, adding an error aiming offset, which will prevent the AI from shooting at the centre of the model, and will be adjusted based on the skill set in the Mission Editor. This makes it more realistic when you manage to get some distance on the AI, but letting them in close will still be as deadly as expected.

Secondly, there is also a function for tracers aiming correction, this means that when the AI is using tracer rounds, the AI will correct its aim only as the AI fires on a target. The time required for the AI to adjust its aim is based on skill level as well, so excellent level AI will adjust their aim much faster than lower-skilled AI.

Now this is only the first phase of these changes, the next adjustments will focus on targeting of key components and areas of different aircraft, as we were told by Luftwaffe fighter pilot Erich Brunotte, they were instructed to fire on the inner left engine on B-17s as there were some critical systems that were not doubled located there. This will allow the AI to be more precise as far as targeting aircraft components going forward.

Lastly, ED has tuned how aggressive the AI is when firing on a disabled or already destroyed enemy plane, currently with new damage model testing, the AI would unload on you, and not let up until every part of you was a flaming hunk of wreckage, now, the AI should recognize when you are damaged enough, or dead and stop firing, hopefully this will allow the AI to maintain more ammo, and be more useful in large scale fights.

These new AI features should be available in this week’s Open Beta update, we ask you to share your experiences with the AI tweaks and give us feedback on your personal experience with it.

DCS World Open Beta Update
This Friday ED is releasing a new Open Beta update with the following highlights:

  • AI Combat Improvements
  • R/BL mode for Harpoons on the Hornet
  • A number of fixes for the DCS: F-16 Viper
  • A number of fixes for the DCS C-101 by AvioDev.