Digital COVID certificate welcomed by EU aviation sector

Governments are being urged to introduce the new platform by July to enable a successful restart to air travel

The ‘EU Digital COVID Certificate’ (DCC) has been approved by the European parliament’s LIBE committee, with the European Tourism Alliance pushing for the platform’s implementation by the beginning of July.

This is a positive step forward to restore the freedom of movement, according to the organisation.

It is expected that the platform will provide vaccination records, proof of Covid-19 recovery and display negative test results.

Heathrow Airport
Photo London Heathrow Airport 

The alliance has urged EU states to implement the new travel certificate by July 1, whilst ensuring that current restrictions – including quarantine and testing measures – are not imposed upon those with the vaccine.

Stakeholders within the travel and tourism sector have said that any delay could affect the chances of a successful recovery.

“The agreement reached at EU level on Digital COVID Certificate is a step towards the reintroduction of Schengen and the freedom of movement throughout the EU. Europeans are looking forward to cross-border travel this summer, whether for visiting families and friends, leisure or business. We call on Member States to urgently implement the certificate and refrain from adding travel requirements for certificate holders if the epidemiological situation continues improving,” the stakeholders said.

According to the latest data published by the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), it is safe to reopen the sector. Around 46% of adults across the EU have had the first dose of the Vaccine as of yesterday (May 25).

Additionally, the alliance has welcomed the EU Institutions’ decision to make €100m (£864,000) available via the Emergency Support Instrument – allowing member states to acquire Covid-19 tests.

Measures such as common time limits for coronavirus testing requirements and introducing a minimum age for children to take a test should contribute to the restoration of passenger confidence, according to the organisation.