Donating MiG-29s

Serbia is set to receive eight second-hand MiG-29 fighters and two Buk surface-to-air (SAM) systems from Belorussia according to the country’s defence minister Zoran Djordjevich. The weapon systems will be donated in 2018, with Serbia required to cover only the costs for the overhaul of the fighters and SAM systems.

Belorussia’s donation is in addition to a deal agreed with Russia in December 2016 for six MiG-29s provided free of charge, with a requirement for the Serbian Government to pay for the overhaul and upgrade.

The former Russian Air Force MiG-29s are slated to undergo overhaul and upgrade at the Moma Stanoilovich maintenance and overhaul near Belgrade by Russian technical specialists supported by Serbian personnel. Delivery is expected during March and April 2017.