Dräger’s AirBoss makes UK debut

George Best Belfast City Airport has become the first in the UK to choose Dräger’s newly-launched AirBoss self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for its 34-strong emergency service crew.

AirBoss benefits from an easily adjustable backplate, making it ideal for firefighters of different heights Dräger

AirBoss includes a carrying system with pneumatics, monitoring systems, masks and communication technology and numerous accessories such as the ultra-lightweight Type 4 Nano compressed air breathing cylinders and lung demand valves. State-of-the-art ergonomics provide improved wearer comfort and mobility, complemented by a pivoting waist belt and three-step height adjustments. 

“We will benefit from Airboss Connect’s digital displays, and the new ‘Buddy Light’ feature – an innovative element allowing immediate and highly-visible signalling amongst our firefighters to alert them on aspects such as cylinder pressures and the physical condition of their colleagues,” said Seamus MacMahon, chief fire officer and head of emergency planning at the airport.

He added that AirBoss’s advanced modular design means additional functionality can be built in when required and the easily adjustable backplate is a significant benefit: “Emergency Service teams have changed considerably during my career – minimum height requirements, for example, are a thing of the past – and so systems need to be easily borne by different physiques, both male and female.”

AirBoss was selected following a rigorous review of SCBA systems from different providers and is part of a multi-million pound investment in all aspects of the airport’s fire safety response. “By choosing Dräger, we are ensuring the longevity of our investment, which is key for continuity. With a strong footprint in Northern Ireland, Dräger’s ability to support its customers with dedicated resources in training, aftercare, spares, service, and maintenance is invaluable and second tonone,” said MacMahon.