Duxford to host History Festival in March

Duxford's history festival will allow enthusiasts to ‘experience their own immersive, history-filled programme meeting real war veterans’

IWM Duxford is to host a new history festival that will feature interviews with war veterans, talks about military conflict and rarely seen artefacts.

The two-day festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday March 25 and 26 – visitors will be able to attend talks by experts, author signings and other themed sessions. These will include bestselling author Damien Lewis’ SAS Brothers in Arms talk on the birth story of the SAS, award-winning author and broadcaster Clare Mulley’s talk about the only two women to fly for Hitler, and a Royal Navy veteran who will discuss his experience as a fighter pilot in Afghanistan.

IWM’s own expert curators will lead topics on other subjects, and visitors will also be able to look inside the cockpits of Duxford’s Avro Lancaster and Spitfire Mk.I N3200. There will also be a special screening of the 1917 film The Battle of the Ancre and Advance of the Tanks, which illustrates British Army movements against the Germans in 1916.

Other topics at the festival will include The First Spitfire Squadron, Cameraman at War: D-Day, and Behind the scenes at Churchill War Rooms. The organisers also promise that rarely seen artefacts – objects, film, audio, documents and ephemera – will be on display.

Tickets to IWM History Festival cost £40 per day. Please note that attendees who wish to visit IWM Duxford in between the sessions may purchase a separate discounted general admission ticket for £8. You can purchase tickets here.

Duxford is to host a two-day history festival in March
Duxford is to host a two-day history festival in March HISTORIC ENGLAND/IWM DUXFORD