Easy Aerial launches ultra-portable UAV ground station

Easy Aerial, a provider of autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions, has launched a new line of ultra-portable models of its aerial vehicle (UAV) ground stations.

The Easy Guard Vehicle (EGV) is available in three sizes and builds on Easy Aerial’s MIL-STD-810G system, a certified smart, mobile and rugged drone-in-a-box solution currently deployed in a wide variety of applications worldwide.

The EGV was specifically designed for installation on mobile platforms. Thanks to its small size and low weight, its UAVs can rapidly mobilise, deploy and land from any vehicle type traveling up to 25mph, on- or off-road.

All three systems can be integrated with manned, unmanned and optionally manned systems and are all remotely deployable from any location.

The EGV can be configured with a tethered, free flight or optionally tethered UAV, allowing it to be optimised for a wide range of payload options. All EGV models incorporate topside doors that – when opened – deploy a separate landing pad that unfolds to extend beyond the box’s footprint. This enables the system to operate a larger UAV with increased safety margins on uneven terrain and while on the move.

The new UAV ground station is intended to provide enterprise, government and public safety operators with flexible inspection, monitoring and surveillance capabilities, even in hard-to-reach areas with minimal to no infrastructure.