Egyptian Ka-52 Airborne

On May 5, the Chief Executive Officer of Russian Helicopters, Andrey Boginsky visited the Progress production plant in Arsenyev in the Far East of Russia, to see the preparations being made to fulfil the first export contract for Ka-52 helicopters to Egypt. The first Egyptian aircraft was demonstrated to Boginsky during a test flight. Three further Ka-52s at various stages of assembly were present in the final assembly hall. Egypt’s Ka-52s feature different systems to those in service with the Russian Air Force, including the OES-52 electro-optical targeting system. According to Russian media, the OES-52 has been developed by Moscow-based NPK SPP using the French Safran STRIX gyro-stabilised targeting turret. Other different systems are two new jamming modules installed at the sides of the lower part of fuselage. New sensors are prismatic in shape and bear no resemblance to any known systems. Different radar warning receiver antennas are fitted on the wingtip fairings and rear fuselage.