Embraer Chief Exits to Join GE Aviation

John Slattery, the president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation is leaving the firm to join engine maker, GE Aviation as its new president and CEO.

The Brazilian manufacturer announced today that Arjan Meijer, the division’s chief commercial officer, would succeed Slattery. The move will be effective immediately.

“John has played a central role at Embraer during a challenging time, and we thank him for his dedication and tireless service to the company, as well as its customers, employees, and partners,” said Alexandre Silva, Embraer chairman of the board. “Fortunately, the industry will keep counting on him as he will continue to work in the aviation sector.”

In a separate announcement, GE revealed that David Joyce, the company’s vice chair and president and CEO of GE Aviation, would be stepping down after more than 40 years of service. John Slattery will join as president- and CEO-elect of GE Aviation, effective July 13.

John Slattery has lead Embraer Commercial Aviation since July 2016. Embraer

Lawrence Culp, GE chairman and CEO, commented: “We worked hard to find a worthy successor to David. In John, we have found a proven aerospace leader whose international commercial experience, strategic acumen, and industry expertise can make our leading Aviation franchise even stronger. John’s relentless focus on the customer experience over decades in the aviation industry has earned him deep relationships with many of GE’s customers, suppliers, and partners. He is well-suited to serve their needs as Aviation executes through the current environment and eventual recovery.”

Since July 2016, Slattery has been leading Embraer Commercial Aviation. Prior to that, he was the business unit’s chief commercial officer from November 2012.

Arjan, 47, has been the CCO for the company since January 2017 and has been responsible for the global marketing and sales across six regions, helping the company achieve 35 airline deals. He joined the company in April 2016 as vice president of commercial aviation, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Francisco Gomes Neto, Embraer president and CEO, added: “Arjan has done a fantastic job as the head of sales for Embraer Commercial Aviation. He has the energy, international experience, and skillset to lead our commercial aviation business at this unique moment.”